Group Booking for Companies and Organisations

Receive 5% off the list price for group bookings of 6 or more candidates.

Step 1.

Please complete the Group Booking Form below. Once received, we will use these details to issue the Sales Invoice required. This invoice will be sent to you as per your instructions (email/post or both).

Step 2.

All candidates need to sign up for an account with us online, but they do not need to enrol/pay for the course as this will be done separatelly via the group booking process.
We recommend that the candidates complete the sign-up process themselves with their respective email addresses. This is required so that they can log in and study anywhere and anytime regardless of being at work or not.

Step 3.

We will require an email sent to us with candidate details (full name and email address) for all candidates. This email can be sent to our email address.

As soon as payment is made, we will manually enrol all candidates on to the course. Candidates will receive confirmation emails automatically and then they will be able to start the course.

We will also send you a conformation email.