Introduction and contact information

Guided learning hours: 15 min

Required for this course to work:

  1. Approved Document P: Electrical safety - Dwellings (click to download),
  2. Electrician's Giuide to the Building Regulations (Electrical regulations),
  3. several highlighters or pencils.

Please note

It is against C&G rules to insert additional content into any of the allowed publications.

In other words, highlighted text is allowed, but anything else is not allowed. So, no inserts, sticky notes, post-it notes, extensive writing, scrap paper, A4 paper… etc. More info here: Electrotechnical guide to assessments and permitted materials by C&G

Contact information:


Contact your tutor*: [email protected]

Technical support: [email protected]

*For those of you on the Premium plan, you can contact your tutor about any questions regarding this qualification; we are here to help you. If you would like a telephone chat, drop us an email and we will arrange it at a suitable time.

Certificate of completion

Do I need a "Certificate Of Completion"?

If you have paid for the C&G exam through us, we will take care of this, so there is nothing for you to worry about.

If you have decided to arrange the C&G exam yourself, then there is a good chance your local exam centre will ask for a "Certificate Of Completion" before they will allow you to book the exam.

Certificates can be issued to students either automatically or manually. (With either method, you can save your certificate as a PDF.)

With the automatic method, once the course is completed (i.e. every lecture marked as `completed`), you will be taken directly to the 'Certificate of Completion' within the student lecture area. Additionally, you will receive an email with a link to your certificate.

If you wish us to issue the certificate manually, you will need to contact your tutor via the email address provided. Your tutor will then send an email with the certificate link.

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